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Today, September 23rd is
National Voter Registration Day!

Are you registered?  If you have moved since the last election, have you re-registered? The election is coming up on November 4th. The deadline to register to vote is October 20th, don’t miss it!

Do you know someone who has not registered to vote?

Voter participation is at the very heart of a healthy democracy, as citizens it is our duty to fulfill our role in a represtative government.  Currently, many eligible citizens are not registered to vote at all…and many who are don’t bother to cast a ballot.
Don’t’ believe the naysayers, every vote does matter!

If you don’t vote,
that means someone else is deciding for you!

So Participate, Get involved, Register to vote,
Help your friends register!

You can register online with the Secretary of State at:
You can register by mailing in a voter registration form (you can find them at most Post Offices)
If you can’t find a form, give us a call and we will get one to you- 818-841-2828

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